How To Tell If Your Attic Insulation is Old


Even though the attic is not a place we visit very often, its condition can actually play a significant role in other areas of our lives. A common problem with attics that are not properly cared for is a decrease in the quality of the spray foam insulation everett. Knowing what to look for in your insulation can help you to see and address the issue before it starts to cause bigger problems.


Why Should I Care?

This is a question many people are asking themselves at this point. Why should I care about the condition of my attic if I’m never up there?

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1. Pests

Old insulation quickly becomes an ideal breeding ground for rodents and insects looking for a comfortable escape from the outdoors. The attic protects them from the elements, they often have access to food, and can make a comfortable nest in your insulation.

2. Air Quality

Old insulation tends to collect dust and dirt, and can start to host mold and bacteria colonies if exposed to moisture. Dirty, musty smells and mold spores can start to fill the air of your attic and diminish the air quality of your entire home.

3. Energy Efficiency

Old insulation is often incapable of thoroughly insulating your attic. Without it, energy is allowed to pass freely between through your roof and the open air outside. Families that struggle to maintain comfortable temperatures in their home during the summer are often victims of old insulation’s inability to lock in those cooler temperatures. Families that replace their attic insulation have been able to enjoy savings of 30% or more, simply because their insulation can do its job hear: How to setup a wordpress blog

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