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In our store you'll find a large selection of Wool Fabric for all your Rug Hooking Braiding and Apparel projects.

We also sell Monks Cloth and Burlap.

We carry both the lighter flannel weight and the heavier coat weight Wools.
  • Wool Flannel, is a soft, lightweight fabric with a nap on one or both sides. It has a weight of 11/12 ounces per yard (shirt weight). Perfect for making suits, slacks, scarves, jackets and skirts. Suitable also for rug hooking, penny rugs  and quilting. This wool is great to over-dye and felts beautifully.
  • Wool Coating, is a thicker, weighty, soft Woolen Fabric. It has a weight of 18 to 20 oz. per yard. Suitable to make coats, reenactment clothing, costumes, hats, and rug braiding.
The Woolens are available by the yard and per bolts. We offer wholesale discount on large orders.

A secure Paypal method is the form of payment and personal ckecks.

I hope you'll enjoy all the lovely colors you see here, and be inspired to create beautiful projects of your imagination.

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New colors are added frequently, so check back often.

Enjoy your visit!

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