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Handmade Wool Bag
Handmade Wool Bag

Luxurious Loro Piana Designer 100% Camel Hair Fabric-Cashmere, Camel Hair, Beige, Cream
Luxurious Loro Piana Designer 100% Camel Hair Fabric
100% Camel hair by known designer - Loro Piana - . Luxurios fabric to sew coats and capes. Retails for $100's of dollars. Sold here for $45/yd. Minimum purchase is 10 yards.

Priced for a bolt of 10 yards.

Colors available Cream and Camel. Pls specify which color you would like.
Buy 20 or more and receive $2.00 off
Camel Colored Wool Flannel-Wool Flannel, Camel, Fabric, Rug Hooking, Sewing
Camel Colored Wool Flannel
Here I am offering a piece of 3 yards+14" Wool Flannel in Camel color.
The piece measures 58" wide and weights approx. 11 oz. per yard.
Suitable for sewing ladies skirts, drapes and rug hooking.

Priced for the whole piece!
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
Royal Purple Wool Melton-Purple, Wool, Coating, Melton, fabric, sewing
Royal Purple Wool Melton
Royal Purple Wool Melton. Measures 3 yards and 10". The width is 60". Great piece to sew any garment.

Priced for the whole piece.
Small Wool Remnants-Wool Remnants, Fabric, Coating, Cashmere, Black, red, Pink
Small Wool Remnants
Six pounds of Wool Remnants. Various small sizes and colors. Wool Coating, Wool Cashmere and Wool Plush Mixture. 
Suitable to make doll's clothing and embellishments.
Eggplant All Wool Coating-Pure Wool, Purple, Coating, Fabric, Eggplant color, Sewing, Remnant
Eggplant All Wool Coating

Here I am offering 1.25 yards of 100% Wool Fabric in coat weight. The width is 62" and the whole piece weighs 28 ounces. The color is a matte purple more like an eggplant color. Beautiful quality piece!

Oatmeal Wool Coating Plush-Oatmeal, Wool Coating, Fabric, Sewing
Oatmeal Wool Coating Plush
Nice Oatmeal colored Wool Coating Plush. Priced per yard. 
Width: 61"
Weight: 18/20 oz. per yard.

Suitable to make coats.

Priced per bolt of 10 yards.
Purpleish Plum Wool/Cashmere Blend-Purple, Plum, Wool, Coating, Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Sewing
Purpleish Plum Wool/Cashmere Blend
Beautiful and soft wool/cashmere blend (90/10) in purplish plum.
The width is 59" and the weight of the wool is 17 oz. per yard. Suitable to make a blazer, skirt or any other garment.

Priced per yard
Real Camel Hair Fabric Remnants-Camel Hair, Fabric, Coat Weight, Heavy, Black, Beige, Brown
Real Camel Hair Fabric Remnants
Here I am offering 3 pieces of 100% Camel Hair in Coat Weight. Beautiful fabric. Size and color as follows:

- Tobacco Colored 1yd and 21" (a little over 1 1/2 yds)
- Camel Color 1 1/4 yds x 61" wide
- Jet Black 40x64

Mouse gray wool melton-Mouse Gray, Wool, Fabric, Melton, Sewing, Rug Braiding
Mouse gray wool melton
Gorgeous, Fine Quality Wool Melton in Mouse Gray. Suitable to make coats, jackets, hats, embellishments.

Width: 60"
Weight: 18/20 oz. per yard.

Priced per bolt of 10 yards.
Cashmere Fabric Golden Camel Remnant-Cashmere, Fabric, All, Camel, Beige, Wool
Cashmere Fabric Golden Camel Remnant
Quality 100% Cashmere Fabric in Golden Camel color. Beautiful piece of fabric suitable to make hats, bow ties, vest, skirt, embellishments.

width: 61"
Weight: 13 oz per yard

This specific piece measures 35x61

Golden Camel Cashmere Remnant2-Camel, Cashmere, Fabric, wool, sewing
Golden Camel Cashmere Remnant2

Beautiful 1 yard of pure 100% Cashmere Fabric in Golden Camel color. Super soft an luxurious. The piece measures 34x61 and the weight is 11 oz per yard.

Charcoal Gray Wool Cashmere-Charcoal, Gray, Wool, Cashmere, Fabric, Sewing, Coats
Charcoal Gray Wool Cashmere
Beautiful Charcoal Gray Wool/Cashmere blend (90/10) in coat weight. Suitable to make coats, pants, blazers and more. 
This piece measures 1 yard+ 26" x 62" wide.

Cashmere Wool Remnant3-Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Black, Hats, Sewing
Cashmere Wool Remnant3
Here I have one piece of 100% Cashmere Fabric in jet black. The piece measures 1 yard plus 12" and the width is 64". Gorgeous Fabric. Super soft. Suitable to make hats, scarfs, clothing.

Weight: 18 oz./yd

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
Wool Flannel RemnantsWFR1
A nice grouping of Wool Flannel. Colors and dimensions as follows:
  • Chocolate Brown with dark Green and Burgundy lines forming windowpanes. 35"x60"
  • Rusted Brown Tweed. 31"x64"
  • Green Tweed. 29"x62"
  • Golden Camel colored Camel hair. 21"x63"
  • Camel. 17"x59"

Maroon All Camel Hair-Camel Hair, Maroon, Fabric, Wool, Sewing, Apparel
Maroon All Camel Hair

Beautiful light weight 100% Camel Hair in Maroon color. Suitable for garment making.

Width: 60"
Weight: 12 oz/yd

Priced per yard.
Buy 20 or more and receive $1.00 off
Fuchsia Wool Flannel Remnant-Wool, Flannel, Fabric, Fuchsia, Rug Hooking, Sewing
Fuchsia Wool Flannel Remnant
Here I have the last piece of this beautiful 100% Wool Flannel in Fuchsia. It measures 1yd + 11" the width is 60" and the weight
11/12 oz. per linear yard.

Suitable for rug hooking, apparel, drapery and more.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
Charcoal Grey Wool Melton TWC313-Wool, Coating, Melton, Gray, Grey, Charcoal, Fabric, Coats, Sewing, Apparel.
Charcoal Grey Wool Melton TWC313

Quality 100% Wool Melton in Charcoal Grey. The width of the wool is 60" and the weight approx. 18/20 oz/yd. Suitable to make coats, cloaks, capes, uniforms as well as for some crafts. Awesome Wool!

This color is only available for purchases of 10 yards and up

Priced for 10 yards.
Black Camel Hair-Camel Hair, Fabric, Wool, Black, Sewing
Black Camel Hair
Wow...What a beautiful fabric. This one is a Black 100% Camel Hair. Soft, lustrous with a nap on the surface and light weight. This is a Flannel weight (approx. 12 oz/yd) and the width is 60".

Suitable for skirts, pants, blazer and more.
Buy 20 or more and receive $1.00 off
Light Green Herringbone Wool Flannel RWF263-Textured, Wool, Flannel, Fabric, Herringbone, Green, Sewing, Rug Hooking
Light Green Herringbone Wool Flannel RWF263

Quality 100% Wool Flannel. 

Herringbone textured in Light Green. Width: 60"

Excellent to sew a lined jacket, skirt, as well as for rug hooking.

Priced per yard

Wool Flannel RemnantsWFR219

Wool Flannel Remnants. Colors and dimensions as follows:
  • 17x58 Black
  • 40x57 Charcoal Grey
  • 33x30 Bone White
  • 36x44 Cream Plaid Wool Blend
Camel Wool Coating-Wool, Fabric, Camel, Coat, Heavy, Plush, Rug Braiding, Apparel.
Camel Wool Coating
A classic ~Camel Wool Coating~ suitable to make coats, capes, cloaks or any other garment. Great quality wool fabric.
The weight is 20 oz/yd and the width 61".

Priced per bolt of 10 yards.

Sorry I am not selling any longer per yard, only 10+ yds.

Tissavel Chinchilla Lap Throw Faux Fur-Tissavel, Faux Fur, Blanket,
Tissavel Chinchilla Lap Throw Faux Fur

Lap Blanket 39"x56". Real fur alternative resembles the real fur of Chinchilla. It has stripes of Chocolate Brown and Sage Green with a channel cut. Deep pile fur. The throw weights 6 pounds. The lining is just as elegant, 100% Cotton Velvet in Olive Green.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
Rug Hooker Wool Bag  WB-Wool, Bag, Rug, Hooking, Textured, Plaids.
Rug Hooker Wool Bag  WB-Wool, Bag, Rug, Hooking, Textured, Plaids.
Rug Hooker Wool Bag  WB-Wool, Bag, Rug, Hooking, Textured, Plaids.
Rug Hooker Wool Bag WB

Handmade Rug Hooker Bag. Made out of quality textured Wool Fabric in browns and green. Six rows stitched by hand in a quilting method. Decorative antique button.
Top zippered. 7" long by 5" wide.
Great to keep your hooking items together.

1 in stock

Snowman Penny Rug 1-Penny Rugs, Handmade, Wool, Snowman
Snowman Penny Rug 1-Penny Rugs, Handmade, Wool, Snowman
Snowman Penny Rug 1

A Happy Young Snowman on a Winter Night. Handmade Penny Rug with beautiful stitchery all over. It can be hang or place on a table. 6.5 round.
Grey color Wool backing.

What is a Penny Rug?

Penny Rugs were popular in the mid 19th century. They were made from old Wool clothing, blankets and hats.The women would use copper penny coins as templates to cut the wool and felt circles or pennies as the name implies. Felting is the process of washing the wool to shrink it.
Each piece was then stitched in "blanket stitch" fashion. They were not used on the floor as one would think, but as decorative table runners, bed pillow tops, mantle and wall hangings. That's the use today as well.

1 in stock

Angel Penny Rug 2-Penny Rug, Angel, Stitch, Wool, Flannel, fabric.
Angel Penny Rug 2-Penny Rug, Angel, Stitch, Wool, Flannel, fabric.
Angel Penny Rug 2

A little angel Penny Rug. Hand Stitched. French knot, Blanket and Feather stitches make this penny rug special. 6" round.
Navy Blue Wool Backing.

100% Wool Flannel used.

1 in stock

Peace Dove Penny Rug 3-Peace Dove, Penny Rug, Wool, Flannel, Fabric, Navy Blue.
Peace Dove Penny Rug 3

Peace Dove Penny Rug. Handmade stitches all around. Navy Blue Wool Flannel front and back. 6.5" Round.

1 in stock

Three Leaves Penny Rug 4-Penny Rug, Wool, Flannel, Stitched
Three Leaves Penny Rug 4

Three Leaves Penny Rug with french knots. Hand made and stitched.
Navy Blue Wool Flannel front and Charcoal Grey Wool Backing.
6.5 round.

1 in stock

Crow And Pumpkins Penny Rug 5-Handmade, Penny Rugs, Wool, Flannel, Hand dyed, Pumpkins.
Crow And Pumpkins Penny Rug 5

A Crow standing on Pumpkins - Penny Rug. Handmade and stitched with Dyed Wools. Green Military wool for borders.

Busy Santa Penny Rug 6-Penny Rugs, Rug Hooking, Handmade, Wool, Flannel, Textured, Hand dyed.
Busy Santa Penny Rug 6

Stunning Handmade and stitched Penny Rug Center Piece.
4 walking Santas carrying presents around pine trees in a starry night. Hand-dyed and  Textured Wools used. Charcoal Plaid Wool backing. Sized: 18'x18"

Penny rugs are made by selecting good quality 100% wool. It must not be too thick. It may be hand-dyed or overdyed to give the piece dimension. Circles are cut from the wool in varying sizes and then stitched together concentrically using complementary colors. The circles are stitched to a wool backing in a pleasing design. When finished the entire piece should have a backing to cover the stitches and to protect it. The backing may be wool, linen or burlap. Mine is Wool.

Black Wool Cashmere-Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Black, Coating,
Black Wool Cashmere
Beautiful soft fabric. 90% Wool/10% Cashmere. Jet Black. 
The fabric has a soft nap.
Width: 62"
Weight: 20 oz. per yard
Suitable to make coats, cloaks, hats. Top Quality Wool.

Cashmere is from the kasmir goat down. Separation of the soft fibers from the long coarse hair is tedious and difficult, contributing to the expense of the fabric. The soft hair is then blended with various type of fabric, in this case with wool.

Priced per bolt of 10 yards.

Sorry I am not selling any longer per yard only minimums of 10+ yards.

196 in stock

Black Wool Coating Remnant41-Black, Wool, Coating, Coat, Heavy, Sewing, Rug Braiding, Hats
Black Wool Coating Remnant41
One whole 2 yard piece of quality Wool Melton Fabric in Black. 

The width is 57".

Light Butterscotch48-Wool, Fabric, Coating, Yellow, Butterscotch, Sewing, Designer
Light Butterscotch48
One piece of 1 yd + 26" of a very soft plush Wool Coating in light Butterscotch. The width is 60".

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