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Here you can shop for Wool Flannel, which is light in weight, approx. 11/12 ounces per yard. The Wool is 100% and has a width of 60". This Wool is suitable for Rug Hooking, Penny Rugs, Quilting, Diaper Covers, Castor Oil Packs, as well as for Theater Costumes, Drapes, Sound System Lining and much more. Wool is durable, warm and moisture wicking.

Please note the chart below shows colors available only in wool flannel.

Any orders of 20 plus yards receive a dollar off per yard.

Click on a color below for a larger, detailed photo of the fabric.

Color Chart

Off White Wool Flannel DWF204-Wool, Flannel, dyed, Off White, hooking, quilting, penny, 100%, Fabric, sewing, craft, garments, Na
Off White Wool Flannel DWF204
Out of Stock
English Wool Flannel Textured Weave Yellow-Yellow, Novelty, Textured, Wool, Flannel, 100, all Wool.
English Wool Flannel Textured Weave Yellow
Black Camel Hair-Camel Hair, Fabric, Wool, Black, Sewing
Black Camel Hair
Maroon All Camel Hair-Camel Hair, Maroon, Fabric, Wool, Sewing, Apparel
Maroon All Camel Hair
Light Green Herringbone Wool Flannel RWF263-Textured, Wool, Flannel, Fabric, Herringbone, Green, Sewing, Rug Hooking
Light Green Herringbone Wool Flannel RWF263

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