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-Wool, Coating, Wool Coating, Braiding, Rug, Coats, Cloaks, Capes, Sewing, Black Coat, Weight, Wool,

-Wool,Flannel, Craft, Woolens, Fabric, All Wool, Rug,Hooking, 100%, Sewing, Penny Rugs, Natural

-monks, cloth, backing, rug hooking, 100% cotton, fabric,

-Wool, Coating, Remnants, Red, Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, Rug Braiding, Fabric

-Wool, Flannel, remnants, Bundle, Fabric, Sewing, Rug Hooking, Black, red, Natural, Pink


-wool, creations, handmade bag, Wool Bag, Blankets, Throws, Faux Fur

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Real Camel Hair Fabric Remnants-Camel Hair, Fabric, Coat Weight, Heavy, Black, Beige, Brown
Real Camel Hair Fabric Remnants
Cashmere Wool Remnant3-Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Black, Hats, Sewing
Cashmere Wool Remnant3
Out of Stock
Charcoal Gray Wool Cashmere-Charcoal, Gray, Wool, Cashmere, Fabric, Sewing, Coats
Charcoal Gray Wool Cashmere
Eggplant All Wool Coating-Pure Wool, Purple, Coating, Fabric, Eggplant color, Sewing, Remnant
Eggplant All Wool Coating
Royal Purple Wool Melton-Purple, Wool, Coating, Melton, fabric, sewing
Royal Purple Wool Melton
Small Wool Remnants-Wool Remnants, Fabric, Coating, Cashmere, Black, red, Pink
Small Wool Remnants

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