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The weight of this wool range between 18/22 oz per yard and is suitable for outerwear garments like Coats, Cloaks, Reenactment Clothing, Costumes, Uniforms, Hats, Blankets as well as for Rug Braiding, Penny Rugs, Handbags, and more. The width is 60/61". The inventory is always changing, so please be sure to ask for availability. If you are looking for a particular color, let us know.


Orders of 20 plus yards receive a dollar off per yard.

Click on a color below for a larger, detailed photo of the fabric.

Color Chart

Black Wool Coating-Wool, Coating, Coats, Black, Fabric, Hats, Capes, Cloaks, Reenactment, Uniforms, Rug Braiding, Fabri
Black Wool Coating
Purpleish Plum Wool/Cashmere Blend-Purple, Plum, Wool, Coating, Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Sewing
Purpleish Plum Wool/Cashmere Blend
Mouse gray wool melton-Mouse Gray, Wool, Fabric, Melton, Sewing, Rug Braiding
Mouse gray wool melton
Black Wool Cashmere-Cashmere, Wool, Fabric, Black, Coating,
Black Wool Cashmere
Camel Wool Coating-Wool, Fabric, Camel, Coat, Heavy, Plush, Rug Braiding, Apparel.
Camel Wool Coating
Oatmeal Wool Coating Plush-Oatmeal, Wool Coating, Fabric, Sewing
Oatmeal Wool Coating Plush
Luxurious Loro Piana Designer 100% Camel Hair Fabric-Cashmere, Camel Hair, Beige, Cream
Luxurious Loro Piana Designer 100% Camel Hair Fabric
Charcoal Grey Wool Melton TWC313-Wool, Coating, Melton, Gray, Grey, Charcoal, Fabric, Coats, Sewing, Apparel.
Charcoal Grey Wool Melton TWC313

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